The Green, Green Grass of Home

They say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. But is poisoning and fertilizing a turf what really makes sense? The lawn companies will tell you, better beware! There are creepy critters in the grass - too frightening to bear! Bugs will eat your green grass, they’ll turn it all yellow, they’ll bite your little baby, she’ll cry and she’ll bellow! The grass needs a routine of watering and spray, just keep up with your contract and remember to pay. And with each application these chemicals, they will spread. They’ll work their design to make all insects dead. They’ll travel with the water to a river or a stream. They’ll make algae grow and the water turn green. Now, the fi

A Mighty Dragon in Miniature Form

A few months ago while filming a time-lapse near a pond in Perry, Georgia, I noticed movement in the still water in front of me. There, in the middle of emanating rings of motion was a dragonfly, fluttering in the water, trying with all its might to get airborne again. To be free in the air with graceful flight - to die in the water with clumsy might. I found it ironic that this creature which came from the water was now drowning in the fluid of its birth and if it didn't drown, it surely would become a breakfast snack for a bass or brim. I reached down to the water, offering my hand as a limb to safety and a second chance. The dragonfly gladly climbed on board, the water dripping from its

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