Magic at Cape Lookout

What an absolutely magical experience. Magical...that is the best word I know in our language to describe my night spent at Cape Lookout in North Carolina. I was really excited about this escape. And when the ferry came to pick me up at Harkers Island, I started to board right after the last returning passenger departed, "Wait a minute, got to gas up...give me 5 minutes" the captain yelled. "Sorry, I am just really looking forward to this trip" I replied back. He didn't seem too amused and I am sure at 5:15 on a Sunday evening he was probably very tired of dealing with people. Daily, the ferry transports hundreds back and forth from either Shackleford Banks or Cape Lookout. I knew at 5:15

A Brain Like a Human

Did a dinosaur know, did a dinosaur care? Was he simply enjoying a meal in the warm summer air? Preoccupied with now, and living just for today, that dinosaur was engaged with the present, not time far away. He had noticed the signs - the warmer weather and stronger storms, he had seen less of the insects and the bees in large swarms. The ground below his feet soon became barren and dry. Our large and giant dinosaur was soon doomed to die. The world had changed and there were many, many warnings, yet the dinosaur thought there would be plenty of time - plenty of nights and plenty of mornings. No fireflies at night, more dead fish by the sea. A bleaching and brown coral reef, less fruit on th

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