The Words we Cannot Hear

Are you a good listener? Chances are you are not. In fact most of us are horrible listeners. If someone was trying to tell you that you were in danger, if someone was trying to show you that there is a problem, wouldn't you want to understand them? I have been noticing changes. Subtle ones, the kind that most of us won't see or hear and even if we do, they are not enough to really make us think twice. Like the silence coming from the creek down the hill from my house. The frogs are quiet now. There are no peepers in the early spring and no low croaks of bullfrogs on a still summer night. The lightening bugs which used to create a magical wonder are sparse at night, so much so that kids today

Harry and Robert

Throughout my life I have crossed paths with many people. Some breeze by like a glance at an intersection before a light turns green. There is no real connection, no reason to follow up, no wanting to know more about this person. I will never see them, never ever hear their voice and never know anything about them...ever. And that is truly ok. But, then there are times when I wish I could see certain people again and again. Wish I could spend more time with them...a regret that haunts me often now, that the opportunity is gone forever. While living in Savannah and turning 30 in 1992, Sarah my wife, told me that I could take the plunge and buy a bicycle for exercise and physical fitness. That

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