The Flowing of a River

I've always been fascinated by rivers. And standing next to one, watching the seemingly endless flow of water is almost as hypnotic as standing on a beach and watching the waves lash against the shore. The ocean is like our lungs, ebbing and flowing, in and out, inhale and exhale. And the river is ever moving, continuously flowing like the blood in our veins and arteries, pumping life to lakes along the way and feeding untold creatures with the nutrients it carries on the journey...just like the blood traveling through our bodies and feeding our cells. Sometimes as I gaze at the rushing current, I'll grab a piece of grass and throw it in, watching it roll over rocks, drop into holes and flow

The Openness

Preserving the land - creating a meadow from clear cutting destruction.

A Weed by any Other Name

It was a beautiful morning to do a little yard work. Those who live in the South know that once May arrives, outdoor activities need to be confined to the period between sunrise and 10am. After that the heat and humidity become draining and simple jobs become very painful. This is unless you have a pool or creek to lay in afterwards...which I don't. But, this is a beautiful time of day. Everything has had rest and is fresh; the birds sing in a fury of excitement and because the sun hasn't started heating the earth, the sky is very blue and the air is still very tolerable. As I sat and watched the earth wake up, I realized the morning was wasting and I started pulling weeds along the edge of

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