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Opposites seem to always work. You can't have a stop light without a green light for "go." In music, it always seems so nice to hear a peaceful adagio after a boisterous allegro. Within the mind, the ego must exist with the id part of the personality. If one takes over, well, the person would go mad. In comedy duos, you always have a cut-up and a straight man. It just seems to work. They play off of each other. With electricity, there has to be a positive and negative charge. And if you put your tongue onto both battery terminals at the same time, as I did as a kid, you'll find it shocking. Don't we appreciate the warm days of summer after a really cold winter? And, isn't a sunny day so much sweeter after a rainy period? With the holidays here, a common decoration is a green wreath with a red bow. Two, totally different colors work seamlessly together to form a beautiful image. And, you've heard the saying "opposites attract." Not so sure if that is totally true. But, I do know many couples who are very different. This leads me to my last point. As a nation, we struggle with our differences. Sometimes I think we even fear people who are different than us. Yet, that difference, those opposites, are what makes life interesting. They broaden our view. They give insight into other ideas. They make us stronger. They make us laugh. Mixed together into a culture they form the essentials for love, creativity, and vision. Without, we will languish in stagnancy.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. I hope the coming year will be better for us all. All of us. No matter our differences. No matter how opposite we seem to be.


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