Not Just an Estate Sale

A few weeks back at an estate sale, I purchased an old Argus "Brick" camera and was overjoyed to find a couple of black and white pictures tucked in the same box. The two images were of the previous owner holding the camera I had just purchased. On the back of one picture was a handwritten note: "New Orleans, 1941." Nothing more, but just having pictures of the guy who owned this vintage camera was pretty great. At the same estate sale I also purchased an old Argus slide projector and a bunch of slides that came with it. Last night, I decided to fire up the old projector and watch the slides I had purchased. They spanned about 30+ years from the first box all the way to the last box and as I

An Unexpected Journey

Today was my birthday and I was given a wonderful gift. I was able to take the day off of work and just drive into the country. That's right, I just left town. But, this is something that I've always wanted to do and it seems have never had the time. And even when I am driving across the state on business, I never have time to stop and just breathe. I guess the gift I was given was a chance to cross into another time within our time. When the GPS stopped working, I knew I was there. How do I describe the feeling of escape? The feeling of being free to stop and talk with people, to ask them about their lives. Of being able to take in the colors of rich green pastures, dotted with yellow flowe

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