Breakfast in my Backyard

I awoke to the melody of a Cardinal calling. In my semi-awake, semi-asleep state, I could picture the beautiful red bird atop the dogwood tree in my front yard. I could see him raising his body as he sang, contrasting against the pure blue above, inhaling air and producing music like that of a skilled musician. Singing in many directions - to the north, to the south, to the east and west. Like reverie at boot camp, it was time to get up. Like the Cardinal, I have my morning routine. I stumble down the hallway, trying to avoid furniture and new bruises on my shins, going for a vitamin and large glass of water in my destination - the kitchen. But, I am drawn to looking outside. I go to the fro

Behind the Eyes of Joe

When I see wild places developed this is what goes through my mind: Behind the Eyes of Joe On a day like any other, a beautiful baby was born. He came into the world without hate, sorrow or scorn. His eyes were so brown and his gaze full of hope, his skin was so soft and his hair curled like rope. His mother named him Joe after a brother that had died. Joe would be his name which he’d carry with pride. Joe grew up with everything a baby boy could want. But the land outside his window was his favorite haunt. He’d play with the frogs in the brown, murky ponds; he’d watch the rainbow trout as they swam, jumped and spawned. Joe loved the vast fields and the woods all around. It seemed life wa

The Season of Color

It is the season of color. Like the last hurrah of a fireworks display when all the stops are pulled and the crowd watches with faces a-gasp. During this time of year, it seems like the blue tones in the sky are just so much more beautiful. It's a special blue. A childhood blue. The color of a toy box or an animal figure floating above the cradle on a mobile as it turns slowly above a baby's head. To me, it brings great comfort and peace. Maybe, in some way, this color reminds me of that safe and secure time in a cradle, many years ago. When you combine this blue with the spectacular yellows, oranges, and reds of the trees during this period, it is just something you have to stop and view. K

The Old Tree and I

How many remember climbing a tree when they were little? Do you remember how much you loved that old tree? How that silent giant allowed you to be taller than the tallest adult and gave you freedom from the earth? Do you remember hiding behind it in a game of hide and go seek? Or finding an Easter egg tucked in one of the many cracks and crevices at it's base? As a child I remember climbing up in one particular old tree in our backyard. It was an oak and had many long, almost horizontal limbs that were perfect for sitting upon. Like an agent, one of us would sneak into the house and grab some cookies from the kitchen. Avoiding capture and then sharing them in our secret spot above the ground

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