A Crazy Quilt

The human brain is such an amazing organ. It can calculate, learn, memorize and create. It stores pieces of our past and saves them away for a future memory as a pleasant surprise. That all makes total sense to me in logical terms. But what about the things that are illogical? Like Deja Vu? When it happens, it is like I am watching an old movie I've seen a million times before except I don't know what the next scene is going to be; the familiarity is in real time. And after it happens I have to sit and question the whole entire life I am living. Every time it happens my damn brain makes me stop and think...what the hell was that? Is Deja Vu simply a brain short out? Or does it make you wonde

For the Birds

Sometimes, during the dog days of summer, here in Georgia, I think back to my youth and the arctic cold temperatures of winter in Wisconsin. Those days when you'd wake up to a room brightened by the clean, white light of the snow outdoors, excited about what adventure lay ahead with a toboggan or pair of skis. And after a few hours of excitement in the snow, the toes and fingers would start to go numb, your cheeks would feel as though a cold piece of sandpaper was scratching across them with every gust of wind...we knew it was time to go inside. Once inside, in dry clothes, I'd sit at the bay window in our kitchen, sipping on a mug of sweet, hot chocolate while watching the birds congregate

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