"The Little Amazon" or the Altamaha River

This past Saturday morning I was up before the dawn. The car was loaded with camera gear - 120mm, 35mm and 4x5 formats, plus a panorama back for those really cool wide views. Bags and tripods were packed, along with a satchel containing a few apples, energy bars and a jug of water. My destination was about 2.5 hours south...so off I went at 6:20am. The warmth of the rising sun in the eastern sky became visible as I hit the small town of Midville, Georgia. Now that it was light, I kept seeing things I was tempted to stop and photograph; an old, weathered barn with a bamboo patch behind it, a line of old pecan trees silhouetted with the deep orange and red morning colors behind them, an old br

Listening to God

There are days when an accumulation of baggage from civilization/domestication requires me to leave the order that mankind has established and venture out into the forest. The order we have established in everything we do weighs heavily on my soul. Our scheduled world which follows the hands of a clock, that keeps us busy until we turn out the light and wait for the alarm of a clock to wake us the next morning. The order that keeps things organized, in place and concise. Measure twice and cut once. We work our 40 or more hours per week, spend Saturday trying to finish laundry, buy food, clean the house, work in the yard and if we are lucky, spend an hour or so with friends. On Sunday, many o

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