Luna Love Song

Tonight, there will be a full moon in the sky high above. To some it's the perfect accompaniment to romance and to love. Two hands tightly held, two souls with hearts swelled. Two smiles beaming brighter than the moon light, unexcelled. Its a night where the shadows extend from the day. Colors are muted and some turn to gray. But to love there is more than the colors of night, what is happening here goes much further than sight. And the sun never sleeps like the souls of those in love. It reflects on the moon and shines down from above. Tomorrow there will be light and the sun will have it's glory, but tonight is for lovers who have yet to tell their story.

Sitting Still

Sitting still - So many times we need to be moving, yet when you sit still you can almost enter into a different realm where you are not seen (or, in other words, ignored) by nature. This afternoon, after filling my bird baths I decided to give it a first it was pretty quiet. But after 5 minutes of sitting completely still the chirping sparrows started coming to the fresh water to drink. A deep brown stripe across the top of their heads dresses up this little bird as it bounces from ground to bird bath, to ground again. After 8 minutes a couple of Carolina wrens started hopping around on a piece of rotting wood about 4 feet from me; searching for grubs and ants to eat. Their cheer

The Place I Call Home

At times I really miss my birthplace; Wisconsin always brings comforting memories to mind. But, I believe that if I ever had the chance to leave the south for job or money, I would not go. I could not go. I have lived here amongst southerners longer than I have lived in the north and there is something that runs very deep here. The people are unique, many of them remind me of my grandfather who was born and raised in Georgia. And it comforts me more than anything I know to hear a southern accent. To hear the voice speaking sets inside me some internal memory from my genetics and a kind of warm deja vu. The accent is beautiful and varied. No one person sounds the same and it changes so radi

Love and Order in a Goose's Life

When I hear people talk about Canada Geese, the conversation usually revolves around how much of a pest they are. How they poop all over the golf course, hiss at passer-byes and annoy the human population with their presence. Others talk about waiting in a blind along a marshy shore in the early morning and then knocking them out of the sky with the shot of a 12 gauge shotgun. To me, there is a much different perspective. You see, I grew up with Canada Geese. They weren't wild, but in fact they were pretty tame and some were what we called "imprinted." Simply put, they had not grown up with their biological parents...they had grown up with humans - hatched under a heat lamp in a cardboard bo

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