The Backroads

I remember my grandfather, gray-haired and spry eyed, telling stories about his past in Georgia. For a time, he was a salesman and drove all over the backroads of the state. It was a true adventure for him and I can imagine so! For in the 1920s the roads were mostly dirt and places to stop were few. Grandfather would talk about how dirty automobile travel was because cars didn't have air conditioning and the only way to stay somewhat cool was to keep the windows open. Unfortunately, this meant lots of dust. Dust in your hair, your eyes, your nose and mouth. Dust everywhere. And in those days, because of the harsh roads, it was not uncommon to have multiple flat tires on a trip. And every tim

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Photograph: noun pho·to·graph \ ˈfō-tə-ˌgraf \ a picture or likeness obtained by photography. The definition sounds so simple. Yet a photograph is so much more. A photograph is a frame of time put into deep freeze. For that instance, time stopped with the click of a camera shutter. Immediately thereafter, movement commenced again and the moment was over. But, on the roll of film inside that camera, that moment was frozen in latency until developed. I pick up a picture and I see a birthday party. Then, hear the laughter, smell the candle smoke and taste the sugary, sweet icing. Its only a glimpse. Only enough for you to miss them and wish you could remember all the details. You scan the image

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