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I love details. Not in a contract. Not in a medical bill. Not in the teeny tiny print of warnings on a medication bottle. But, details you can only see if you slow down and look carefully at your surroundings. They are everywhere. And when I go for a walk, it is usually not at a cardio pace. Usually, it is very slow. It is at this speed, like that of a dog sniffing for greetings on a walk, that I truly notice life. And what fascinates me the most are the beautiful details. The jogger huffs by as I set up the camera. The mountain biker splashes through a muddy, red puddle. And I move ever so slowly. Looking ever so carefully for the next gem. Sometimes I feel like a kid searching for eggs on Easter Sunday. Sometimes, I become so distracted that I lose track of time and place. But that is a big part of it - disconnecting from time and place. On some mornings I may feel a bit weak. On others slightly sickly. But within minutes of time exploring nature, I forget about any ailments. My focus goes from internal to external. It is as though my senses become more acute. All the while as the warm sun kisses my skin.

As I walk down a slippery rock or jump a stream. I often wonder what I'd do if I fell and broke something. But that sentiment doesn't last long. The light is changing fast and I need to catch the gifts that were left for me early this morning before they disappear. I've got a couple rolls of Ilford HP 5 and a backpack with my camera and a number of lenses.

Hope you enjoy these images shot recently with my film camera around the Augusta Canal.

Descriptions with each image.


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