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The Green, Green Grass of Home

They say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. But is poisoning and fertilizing a turf what really makes sense?

The lawn companies will tell you, better beware! There are creepy critters in the grass - too frightening to bear!

Bugs will eat your green grass, they’ll turn it all yellow, they’ll bite your little baby, she’ll cry and she’ll bellow!

The grass needs a routine of watering and spray, just keep up with your contract and remember to pay.

And with each application these chemicals, they will spread. They’ll work their design to make all insects dead.

They’ll travel with the water to a river or a stream. They’ll make algae grow and the water turn green.

Now, the fish they will die through no direct cause, except for a well-intentioned homeowner seemingly following the laws.

You have a beautiful yard, it's so green and so sterile. No bees, no butterflies, you’ve put much life in peril.

Your yard will be the envy of others around, at least that is the mantra you seem to have found.

And if it was just you, things wouldn’t be so bad. But there are millions and millions and that makes me so sad.

It may be hard to imagine what the scientists all say, but an insect apocalypse is headed our way.

Without major changes in the way that we think, the insect population will continue to sink.

And not far behind will be the food we all need, the grains and the fruits, the nuts and the seeds.

One day in the future when we’ve eradicated the earth. When we have destroyed what is good for this damn piece of turf,

will you realize then, that your green yard was a rue and it helped cause the destruction of me and of you?

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