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A Brain Like a Human

Did a dinosaur know, did a dinosaur care? Was he simply enjoying a meal in the warm summer air?

Preoccupied with now, and living just for today, that dinosaur was engaged with the present, not time far away.

He had noticed the signs - the warmer weather and stronger storms, he had seen less of the insects and the bees in large swarms.

The ground below his feet soon became barren and dry. Our large and giant dinosaur was soon doomed to die.

The world had changed and there were many, many warnings, yet the dinosaur thought there would be plenty of time - plenty of nights and plenty of mornings.

No fireflies at night, more dead fish by the sea. A bleaching and brown coral reef, less fruit on the tree.

Consume and make waste was the mantra he would follow. Eating all that was in sight, eating all he could swallow.

He was too ignorant to change, too stubborn in many ways. The earth was getting hotter, hotter and hotter by the days.

If only he had a brain that was larger in size, he’d be able to reason and see more through his eyes.

A mind like a human with all the possibilities that could abound. A mind that could reason with solutions that could be found.

A human could create ways that could turn back the clock; when a human mind is open it can find honey out of the rock.

But time is of the moment, this cannot wait till tomorrow. We cannot wait for a future on time that is borrowed.

No matter the party, no matter the race, no matter your journey, no matter your pace.

We are better than a dinosaur. I hope oh, I pray. Lets change the path were on, lets start a new day.

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