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Sitting Still

Sitting still - So many times we need to be moving, yet when you sit still you can almost enter into a different realm where you are not seen (or, in other words, ignored) by nature. This afternoon, after filling my bird baths I decided to give it a first it was pretty quiet. But after 5 minutes of sitting completely still the chirping sparrows started coming to the fresh water to drink. A deep brown stripe across the top of their heads dresses up this little bird as it bounces from ground to bird bath, to ground again. After 8 minutes a couple of Carolina wrens started hopping around on a piece of rotting wood about 4 feet from me; searching for grubs and ants to eat. Their cheerful demeanor is contagious. And when they sing! When they sing it always amazes me how this tiny little bird can blast out a solo piece like that of a trumpet in a jazz band. At about 15 minutes the chirping sparrows had begun feeding on seeds from weeds and grass stems within a few feet of me. I tried to slow my breathing even more and even though I wanted to turn my head, I couldn't, and moved my eyes very slowly to watch. A male purple finch stood in a flower bed examining me with his reddish head, neck and chest. I know he was curious and a bit unsure of this object sitting nearby...was it safe to come closer? Even though my back was getting tired and my rear was falling asleep sitting on the brick steps, I knew I was blending into the scenery and once a few birds had moved within 5 feet of me things would change rapidly. The word would get out that it is safe to come closer. At 20 minutes, the bluebirds had moved to a nearby dogwood tree and I watched them duel with another couple for territory. High above me I could see a downy woodpecker skirting up the limbs of a sweet gum tree. And now, a beautiful robin had moved nearby, running along the ground, then pausing, then running again. There were sounds and choruses everywhere. High-pitched chirps, long growls, piercing whistles all interspersed with the fluttering of wings. I thought to myself "I'm lucky to be alive."

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