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The Escape

This morning, I headed out to the country to photograph nature before the sun turned up the heat. It was early. The sun had not had a chance to rise very far and it was just peeking over the horizon. It makes me think of a small child peeking around a tree during a game of hide and go seek. Just a glimpse and a smile before running to another hiding spot. Soon, that ole sun would be high in the sky. It wastes no time and I find myself wondering who is chasing who...the sun or the moon? I guess it is the same old story; who came first the chicken or the egg? The morning is a pleasant time for me. Not just because the sun is still at a tolerable level on a July morning in Georgia, but also because of the silence. I really understand why many species are nocturnal. It is really wonderful and there is a sense of freedom when you are the only one on a country road. When you can listen to the poetry of a nearby wren and smell the sweet, sweet smell of morning glories along a nearby fence without anything else going on around you...well, I love it. I try my best to look for the small things when I am out on a photo trip. My eyes are attuned to shapes and textures that break up the view and add a new experience to my scrapbook of things that I keep tucked away in my memory; the fragility and detail of a damselfly, textured bark which seems like a gator's covering, an orb weavers net, resembling a 33 1/3 phonograph record as it glimmers in the sun. These are small marvels that are easy to miss, but if you look closely, you will start walking much slower and with more deliberate steps so as to miss crushing the world under your feet. I hope you enjoy these images. Shot with a digital camera...the film images still have to be processed and will be posted in the next month or so.

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