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A Mere Ripple

In June of 1909, a mere 111 years ago, my grandfather was 16 years old. These images were taken in Dallas, Georgia, years before he would meet my grandmother. He eventually moved to Augusta and taught at Richmond Academy. He met my grandmother for the first time at her birthday party. Turns out, it was his birthday too and he told her about their shared date. I understand my grandmother thought it was a horrible pickup line and really did not like him. Later, when she found out from a friend he was sincere, they started dating. I often wonder, what if that friend of hers forgot to tell my grandmother? What if she didn't like my grandfather either and figured it didn't matter. This blog would not exist. I would not exist. Nor would've my mother and aunt. My siblings, cousins, and all my nieces and nephews. This crazy mix of genes that created who we are would be a different mix and different people. How strange is life? The actions which we take as being so unimportant in the moment can have lasting effects as the ripple grows with time.

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