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A Crazy Quilt

The human brain is such an amazing organ. It can calculate, learn, memorize and create. It stores pieces of our past and saves them away for a future memory as a pleasant surprise.

That all makes total sense to me in logical terms. But what about the things that are illogical? Like Deja Vu? When it happens, it is like I am watching an old movie I've seen a million times before except I don't know what the next scene is going to be; the familiarity is in real time.

And after it happens I have to sit and question the whole entire life I am living. Every time it happens my damn brain makes me stop and think...what the hell was that? Is Deja Vu simply a brain short out?

Or does it make you wonder about the alternative?

In my mind, I always wonder about the alternative. I mean, we are all made up of genes which we have learned are part of a complex web within our bodies. The person we are today is not made of virgin genes. It is made up of pieces from thousands upon thousands of ancestors' genetic codes, mashed together, mixed differently each time a new person in our family tree is born.

And you've heard it before, "he has your dad's eyes" or "her smile is exactly like aunt ____." Parts of us are mixed into this new soul and combined to form the person we know today. It reminds me of a crazy quilt. Those who knit or are of a certain age will surely know what I am speaking of. But, for those who don't, it is a quilt made up of patches of fabric...kind of a crazy pattern of old fabric. Those pieces of fabric at one time were their own pieces of clothing, but now, they are mixed with others to form this old quilt.

So, is this what Deja Vu is? A flashback of fragmented genes and cells from a similar event that happened to an ancestor many years ago?

But, I also wonder about another scenario. I wonder if we are on a continual loop that repeats again and again in a different dimension in a different life cycle? I know not why, but have to question if it is some sort of test we as humans have to complete before moving on to another place. Each time you fail, you stay behind a grade so to speak. When you finally pass, you get to move on. What causes us to fail...I have no idea? Maybe hate, maybe violence, maybe evil. In essence we are left here to play back this record again and again until we get it right and somehow, somehow fragments of past performances slip through the gates of our memories.

We never really know do we? Most will discount Deja Vu as a brain short out. They will probably say that I need to take up making crazy quilts in a locked down facility. Are we that superficial to not question our existence here?

Is there a greater purpose than just working at a job, making money, retiring and then passing on?

I'll see you to the turquoise blue patch, just below the brown corduroy material.

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